Fall Leaf Collection

Collection Schedule

The annual curbside leaf collection will begin October 22rd in Leaf District 1.  Each district will be collected three times.  It is important to have your leaves out at the curb or edge of roadway the day before collection begins in your district to insure your leaves are picked up. Each home will be picked up once per date, once the street is completed for that date the Public Works will not return until the next date. If the leaves are not out by the dates listed below, it will be your responsibility to have the leaves removed.   Do not put leaves out any earlier then 7 days prior to schedule date. Collection schedules and district identifications are listed in the Annual Service Almanac, which was mailed to each home last December.  Additional copies are available at the Borough Hall and on the Borough website.

These are the dates to have your leaves at the edge of the curb for your scheduled pick up. (Collection begins the next day). Please be aware that inclement weather or a low volume of leaves may alter the schedule.

Zone 1                   10/21                               11/4                                     12/2        

Zone 2                   10/23                               11/ 7                                    12/5

Zone 3                   10/25                               11/12                                   12/11

Zone 4                   10/29                               11/15                                   12/16

Zone 5                   10/31                               11/25                                   12/19