Notice from the Police Department

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Dear Midland Park residents,

We are aware of the fireworks that are being discharged within the Borough and from the bordering towns. We are actively patrolling trying to identify the locations and taking a proactive approach to stop the late night occurrences. Far too often when we hear fireworks we respond to a location only to find no one in the area. We are asking for your help if you see or hear fireworks and can identify a particular location or residence please contact us at 201-444-2300. You can report the information anonymously to protect your identity if you wish. Fireworks cause serious injuries to many people throughout the year not only physical but psychological also. They cause various levels of distress to people with underlying medical conditions, our beloved pets, and parents of newborn and younger aged children. We sympathize with everyone who is effected by the fireworks and hope that with your help we can put a stop to it.

Thank you and be safe.