Selling Your House

When selling your home in Midland Park, you will need to complete both the Application for a Certificate of Continued Occupancy and the Application for Smoke Detector Certificate of Compliance.  Once the applications and associated fees are submitted, both inspectors (Zoning and Fire Prevention) will contact you to schedule their inspections. Please review both applications carefully as they each list important information for a successful inspection, and complete both forms legibly. Both applications MUST be submitted AT LEAST 20 DAYS PRIOR to the closing date.
Certificate of Continued Occupancy
  • Fee is $100 for single family home or $150 for two family home.
  • Must be submitted no less than 20 days prior to closing date.
Smoke Detector Certificate of Compliance
  • Fee $50
We recommend that you submit both applications at the same time.  Payments can be combined and check(s) can be made out to the Borough of Midland Park.  Your completed forms and payment can be mailed or dropped off in the “Tax Payments” mailbox, marked “Attn: CCO Processing”. If you have questions about this process you can call the Borough at 201-445-5720 or email or