Public Warning Systems

-The Borough's primary public warning is through Swiftreach Emergency Notification System, with route alerting via loud speakers from borough vehicles and Midland Park e-notices used as secondary means of alert. 

If your phone number is unlisted and hasn't been submitted previously, or you wish to add a cell phone, go to the HOME PAGE and scroll down to the "Sign up for Swift 911 Today" section and click on the image to the right.

e-Notices are also used. These may be signed up for by going to the HOME PAGE and scrolling down under the "INFORMATION" box on th right hand side. Look for the "Sign Up for e-Notices" in a tan box and click on the envelope icon.

Additional announcements may be found through local radio stations and television stations. The following stations will aslo be used if available: News12NJ, NJ Network News Channel 50, WCBS AM 880 Radio, WINS AM 1010, WNBC AM 660, Public Access cable station 77. Please check your cable or satelite provider's channel guide for station locations