Midland Park Recycling Center: 20 Greenwood Ave - accepts the following

* Paper, including newspaper, junk mail, catalogues, magazines, telephone books and paperback 
* Cardboard, including corrugated and chipboard (not pizza boxes)
* Leaves, brush and branches are accepted year round but grass clippings are not.
* Rechargeable, buttton and lithium batteries only. (no car batteries). Household batteries such as AA, AAA, C, D & 9V should be disposed of in normal trash.
* Electronics, PCs, laptops, printers, fax machines, DVD players, VCRs and TVs.
* Auto tires are collected during the month of June (no rims). Limit 4 tires per resident per year.
* Scrap metal (no propane tanks or oil tanks), lawn mowers (fuel removed), storm doors, aluminum siding.
* Clothing, shoes (drop boxes)
*Bottles, cans and large plastic
* Construction materials are NOT accepted at the recycling center. You must use a private 
contractor to dispose of these materials (stone, rock, concrete or asphalt). Consult the Yellow 
pages under "Rubbish and Garbage Removal"
* Hazardous waste items such as oil base paints, solvents and thinners, motor oil, gasoline, 
antifreeze, chemicals and pesticides and herbicides are NOT accepted at the recycling center.
These items can be disposed of on the Hazardous Waste collection days sponsored by the Bergen 
County Utilities .