Curb Side Pick Up Alternating Fridays
Acceptable Commingled Materials: 
A.  Aluminum Food and Beverage Containers: Aluminum soda and beer cans, pet food cans, etc. (Clean) Aluminum foil and pie plates
B.  Glass Food and Beverage Containers: Flint (clear) Amber (brown) Emerald (green)
C.  Ferrous Cans: Bimetal/Tin/Steel soup, food, coffee cans, etc.
D.  P.E.T. Plastic Containers with the Symbol #1 - Plastic water, soda or beverage bottles of various colors
E.  H.D.P.E. Natural Plastic Containers with Symbol #2 - Milk jug and water jug containers only (narrow neck containers)
F.  H.D.P.E. Pigmented Plastic Containers with Symbol #2 - Household detergent, shampoo, bleach bottles, etc. (narrow neck containers)
G.  PP Polypropylene Containers with the symbol #5- Found in some Yogurt ,butter, margarine containers, Syrup and ketchup bottles   
H.  Gable topped milk, juice, soup and other beverage cartons as well as Aseptic cartons
A.  Plastic Bags of any size or color
B.  Hazardous waste, Medical waste, Syringes, e-waste, rechargeable batteries, Propane tanks, mirrors, window or auto glass, light bulbs, ceramics, microwave trays, Styrofoam, straws, fast food trays, any plastic containers with the numbers 3, 4, 6 or 7 on them or no number at all, oil or antifreeze containers, pesticide containers, brown bags, any paper products, coat hangers, paint cans, plastic film, 55 gallon drums, tar pails, flower pots, laundry baskets, vacuum hoses, plumbing accessories, toys, building products, wood, wire of any kind, electrical equipment, dishes, cooking trays, pots, pans, toasters, general household items, coolers, old VCR/Cassette tapes, vinyl siding, wheels, tires, pool liners and covers, tool boxes, fiberglass, fabrics/clothing, etc.
Acceptable Paper Items:
·         Flattened Cardboard
·         Phone books
·         Magazines
·         Paperboard (cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, etc.)
·         Office paper
·         Brown paper bags
·         Junk mail
·         Newspapers and inserts
*Please note: Shredded Paper CAN be recycled.  It should be secured in a brown paper bag - not loose and not in a plastic bag.
·         All Paper should be clean and Dry
·         Paper should be put in Rigid containers not plastic bags
·         No wax coated food and drink containers or wax Cardboard
·         No Paper cups, towels or plates
·         No packing materials (Styrofoam, bubble wrap etc.)
·         No Pizza Boxes
·         No trash, construction debris, yard waste
No plastic bags
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Matt Tauber

Public Works/Recycling Coordinator