Garbage and Trash

* Garbage will be collected on Mondays and Thursdays, year round except for specific holidays, 
please refer to the current Almanac.
* Household refuse, non-recyclable food containers (e.g., pizza boxes), table waste and disposable 
diapers are accepted.
* Put garbage at the curb in barrels or plastic bags, with a limit of two items (bags or barrels) per 
* Place items at the curb on the evening BEFORE your scheduled pickup day.
* Bulk items will be collected only on Thursdays. Bulk items include carpeting and rugs (bundled),
furniture, broken mirrors and non-recyclable items.
* No construction materials, stone, rock, concrete or asphalt will be accepted.

Please keep this in mind: it costs the Borough approximately $67.75 per ton to dispose of solid waste at the dumping site, while the Borough receives revenue for the disposal of recyclable materials. Recycling saves the enviornment and can also help to set off the cost of solid waste removal.