Atlantic Coast Fibers Commingled Recycling
Acceptable Materials


A. Aluminum Food and Beverage Containers:
Aluminum soda and beer cans, pet food cans, etc.
(Clean) Aluminum foils and pie plates


B.  Glass Food and Beverage Containers:
Flint (clear)
Amber (brown)
Emerald (green)


C.  Ferrous Cans:
Bimetal/Tin/Steel soup, food, coffee cans, etc.


D.   P.E.T Plastic Containers with the Symbol #1:
Plastic water, soda or beverage bottles of various colors


E.  H.D.P.E. Natural Plastic Containers with Symbol #2:
Milk jug and water jug containers only (narrow neck containers)


F.  H.D.P.E. Pigment Plastic Containers with Symbol #2:
Household detergent, shampoo, bleach bottles, etc. (narrow neck containers)


G.   PP Polypropylene Containers with symbol #5: Found in some yogurt, butter, margarine containers, syrup and ketchup bottles


H.   Gable topped milk, juice, soup and other beverage cartons as well as Aseptic cartons
Materials not accepted
(if not listed above – It’s not acceptable)
No plastic bags 
Examples: Hazardous waste,  Medical waste,  Syringes,  e-waste,  rechargeable batteries,  propane tanks,  mirrors,  window or auto glass,  light bulbs,  ceramics,  microwave trays, Styrofoam,  straws,  fast food trays,  any plastic containers with the number 3, 4, 6 or 7 on them or no number at all,  oil or antifreeze containers,  pesticide containers brown bags,  any pots,  laundry basket,  vacuum hoses,  plumbing accessories,  toys,  building products,  wood,  wire of any kind,  electrical equipment,  dishes,  cooking trays,  pots pans,  toasters, general household items,  coolers,  old VCR/Cassette tapes,  vinyl siding,  wheels,  tires,  pool liners and covers,  tool boxes,  fiberglass,  fabrics/clothing, etc., etc.,
*** All acceptable material should be rinsed clean and free of any debris or residue.
Please remove caps.